NEPA Kids: Fit for Life is project undertaken by the Leadership Lackawanna class of 2012.  In conjunction with the Scranton Civic Ballet, the members of Leadership Lackawanna will utilize this project to promote the practice of an active lifestyle for children between the ages of 8 and 14 years old.  The team’s efforts will culminate in our June 2012 event.

NEPA Kids: Fit for Life’s June 3rd event will take place around Scranton’s Courthouse Square and will be open to our targeted audience of children ages 8 to 14 years old.  There will be multiple stations, each with different activities that teach movement and exercise.  These activities will aim to create a spark in the young generation for physical activity that will last a lifetime.  The collection of lessons concerning health and activity the children stand to learn at the event is one of our area’s first steps to fighting childhood obesity and inactivity.  After the activities the attendees are invited to a carnival on the square where refreshments will be served and prizes will be available.

In addition to enjoying the activities at the wellness event, the children will be encouraged to provide drawings or paintings of their thoughts from the day.  These items will be utilized in a mural that will be painted at the Scranton Civic Ballet, and will serve as a permanent reminder of the positive outcomes of staying active.

The NEPA Kids: Fit for Life team would like to request your support for this event.  Your generous contributions will be utilized for advertising for the event and for event costs.  Any remaining funds will be channeled to the commissioning of the mural at the Scranton Civic Ballet.

We are also looking for businesses to run wellness activities throughout the afternoon of the event.  The aim of the activities is to keep the children in motion. The NEPA Kids: Fit for Life team want the children at the event to have a variety of activities that they can get involved in and hopefully will develop an interest in after the event. There is no cost associated with volunteering to run an activity session.

Your support in encouraging active lifestyles in the area’s younger generation will be invaluable.

Our team will recognize your donation in our marketing materials and on our website.

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